I graduated from the University of Szeged, Hungary, Teacher Training College Faculty in Art and Cultural Management majors in 2001. My diploma work was enamelling. In 2014, I got my diploma in Visual Culture MA at the University of Szeged.
I work with different techniques: black and color ink, silk and acrylic painting as well as pencil or tempera, but I experiment with new materials and techniques. I had individual and collective exhibitions in numerous Hungarian cities (Budapest, Szeged, Orosháza, Békéscsaba, etc.) and also in Romania (Nagykároly).

I often feel people’s emotions, moods, and characters highly intensely. That is the main reason why I draw and paint emotions from situations and encounters; I feel the need to communicate them through paper or canvas or other type of medium.


I have taught students from the age of 7 to 25. The last ten years I have been teaching graphics and painting courses in different art schools.


Petőfi Sándor Community Center, 2012
Exhibition of Art Teachers, Gyula, 2011
Mindszent, 2011
Art Gallery of Orosháza, 2011
Exhibition of Art Teachers, Munkácsy Mihály Museum, Békéscsaba, 2011
Magyarok Háza, Budapest, 2010
Community Center of Kalocsa, 2010
Community Center of Hetényegyháza, 2010
Art Gallery, Orosháza, 2010
Károlyi Castle, Nagykároly, Romania, 2008
Art Gallery, Orosháza, 2008
Somogyi Library, Szeged, 2008
-Amadeus Coffee House, 2012
-City Hall, Orosháza, 2011
-Mini-Gallery of Gyopárosfürdő, 2009
-Petőfi Sándor Community Center,
 Szeged-KKD, 2008
-Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational School,
 Szeged, 2008
-City Hall, Orosháza, 2007
-Semiramis Gallery, Orosháza, 2007